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International Conflict and Security (INCAS) Consulting Ltd (Malta) is the holding group for Europe Conflict and Security (ECAS) Consulting Ltd. (United Kingdom), West Africa Conflict and Security (WACAS) Consulting Ltd. (Nigeria), and Asia Conflict and Security (ACAS) Consulting Ltd. (Hong Kong). A regionally-based family of consulting companies, ECAS, WACAS, and ACAS Consulting provide services in the conflict-security-investment nexus.  


A non-trading entity and convenor for the group, INCAS Consulting (Malta):

  • Coordinates assignments for the group outside the regional focus areas of its sister companies (Central America in particular)

  • Manages the Group's advisors and their support for the sister companies

  • Facilitates group expertise exchange and knowledge generation through the INCAS in Practice Series.  

  • Channels philanthropy support on behalf of the Group to the Artraker Fund CIC