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INCAS Consulting Ltd. was originally established in London (United Kingdom) in 2003 as a vehicle for a group of friends (David Nyheim, Anton Ivanov, Samuel Gbaydee Doe, and Tom Porteous) to do conflict and security consulting.  The philosophy, still retained by the group, was to do interesting and impactful work in the sector with people we respect and like working with.  


A core approach built into the company early on was to grow strong field networks, technical capabilities, and political networks in the countries where we work.  This enables us to deliver on tough and sensitive assignments for our clients.  


As the company grew, we adopted what is best described as an 'anti-growth strategy'. Rather than developing a large UK-based company and pursuing a traditional growth-model, we decided that growing from the regions where our expertise is located made more sense.  This helps us maintain and nurture our regional networks and capabilities in a more systematic manner.  The establishment of INCAS Eurasia (a joint venture with FEWER International) in Russia followed in 2008 and INCAS Consulting (Nigeria) in 2009.


In 2012, we shifted from a country to a regional focus and West Africa Conflict and Security (WACAS) Consulting Ltd. was established, thereby replacing INCAS Consulting (Nigeria) Ltd.  Work also started in 2013 to restructure INCAS, turning it into a fully multi-region consulting group. In 2014, INCAS Consulting Ltd. (United Kingdom), was re-branded to become Europe Conflict and Security (ECAS) Consulting Ltd.  The holding company of the group became INCAS Consulting Ltd. (Malta), with offices in Valletta. In 2016, Asia Conflict and Security (ACAS) Consulting Ltd. was set up out of Hong Kong. WACAS Consulting Ltd. was re-branded to Africa Conflict and Security (AfCAS) Consulting Ltd. in 2016, to reflect our broader regional scope.